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on Wed Apr 17, 2019 1:14 am
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Sienna “Sien” Rosales • ♀ • 16, 3/30/03 • Lesbian without a cause • Portrayed by Becky G.

Sienna Rosales INmFBoZ

A p p e a r a n c e
Sien describes herself as the kind of person who prides herself in humility (though it sometimes falls short) and her general outward appearance reflects that as much as possible. Her skin is relatively light-skinned and her eyes have a deep, earthy, almost sienna brown quality to them, but there seems to be something trying to break through them -- a fire buried deep in her gaze. It’s almost as though Hephaestus’ blood and connection to the fire allow her the ability to emulate that through her blazin’ gaze. And much like her hair, silky brown locks flow down her face and almost mid-back as though the living forge that is her clear face is the focal point of her spotless portrait. Roughly, Sien has a slightly curvaceous figure with long legs and a fit body. Her vertical frame is barely even 5’1, undoubtedly making her one of the shortest demigoddesses to grace Camp Half-Blood.

Though her affiliation with the Hephaestus Cabin might be known, that does not mean Jenna is the kind of person to dress as though she was someone with that floral sense of fashion. To be honest, while she adores the traditional stereotype, her true love resides within a mix of her Mexican roots by going with bold colors but also remaining true to her urban roots as well and applying a style that she calls Urban Sexy. She simply adores having some kind of ripped pants on whether that's jeans or what. She also loves sports and may be caught wearing some form of a sporting team jersey (Go New York Mets!). She also has her ears pierced, so there is also that to consider. Her ears may have a flashy earring here or there.

P e r s o n a l i t y

Fiery/Passionate → Inspiring → Caring → Energetic → Dynamic → Confident/Arrogant → Impulsive → Careless → Unable to multitask → Acts without thinking

Sienna always means right with whatever she does. Whether she is busy at the forge, learning all that she can from whoever is teaching her or taking her lessons seriously. The thing about her is, well there are a few things that some might find just a little difficult. First and foremost is her one-track mind that seemed to get her into some trouble. Not so much the fact that she causes trouble for others -- no, if they are the type, then there’s a chance they do that themselves. For Sien, her big thing has always been her focus. She becomes fixated (almost obsessively so) on one thing. It could be the weapon she has yet finished, a training maneuver she has yet to figure out/nail down, or it could be why everyone around her is such morons when it comes to the simplest thing. This, of course, results in her mouth running loose where her mind begs it to calm down.

And then we reach another reason she’s difficult to deal with: her mouth. Yes, it is one of the many gifts she has and it’s quite clearly a gift from the gods. Her ability to know certain mechanical lingo is great and her intake on most intellectual things is incredible, but with that, there also comes a slight arrogance to young Sienna. Much like her godly father, fire flows through her and thus, a superiority of elements -- or in her case, a surpority among her peers -- comes through in the worst of ways. She generally thinks she knows best and that not even her instructors can teach her things she doesn’t know. This is the highest form of ignorance anyone can have. It doesn’t help that her relationship with Hephaestus has only emboldened her arrogant demeanor.

Despite most of her glaring flaws, there is a side of Sien that is shown in rare moments. To those who don’t try and one-up her or those who might generally get on her bad side, she has a bit of a softer side. She’s vastly supportive of all of her friends. Her energy, though it is mostly used to show others she is better than them, she can shell out the same energy in helping those she cares about and those that may care about her. A true friend to the end, Sien has their back. If need be, she would kill for them (or seriously maim since killing is bad). If they happen to feel down, she is not above breaking a few of the camp’s rules to show them a good time. She does, after all, identify as a Lesbi-rebel without a cause. To her, that is a simple sexual orientation: it is the kind of lesbian that doubles as a rebel which also doubles as a “we’re going to have a little fun tonight and face the consequences later” philosophy.

Yeah, don’t ever say Sienna is boring. She might kill you for it. Or just have to turn her father’s fire onto you.

H i s t o r y
The only parent that Sien would come to know until her tenth birthday was her mother, Lola Rosales. She never really knew her father. The only thing her mother told her whenever she had asked was that her father loved her so much. And that she loved him very much. She had only known their small apartment in South Bronx, New York City, New York as the only home she would ever have. Her mother worked hard at a mechanic garage a block away from where she lived. Being around her mother almost constantly instilled an early love for machines that, at the time, Sienna wasn’t aware just how far deep the love for iron and steel ran through her family tree.

There was a moment just a couple of weeks before her 13th birthday that Sienna began to experience troubles at the middle school she was attending. It all started with seeing strange symbols. She had always had difficulty with reading and writing. It’s kind of why she tended to prefer working on machines as opposed to her face in the books. When she started seeing the strange symbols outside of school, she began to freak out. Just a week before she was set to turn thirteen, however, was when the weird scale went from a four to almost ten. 

There she was at the mechanic workshop. She started working there part-time as part of a work studies her school allowed her to do for an hour each day after school. At some point during that hour, the symbols showed up again, causing the young girl to freak out. She wasn’t exactly sure what was happening and then she heard a voice in her head. It not only freaked her out even more but she let out a scream to top all screams. The cracking voice of a not-yet-teen girl was only matched by the heavy, loud poundings of metal clanking from behind her. Though every part of her being was telling her not to look, a natural, childlike curiosity made her do so. And when she did, well Sienna wasn’t quite sure what to make of it. 

And then the voice spoke again, but this time not within her head: it was in front of her -- he was in front of her.

“My, you have grown, haven’t you, Sienna?” His voice, the sound of a deep accent laced with both Mexican roots and something Mediterranean.

The young girl paused in her steps, literally a foot raised as she almost lost her balance. The one thing keeping standing was her innate stubbornness. With the lingering moment coming to an end, her mouth open, words sequenced in the shaky voice coming out. “W-who a-are y-you?”

“Don’t I look familiar, Sienna?” He asked her, almost as though her words insulted him.

She shook her head at him, though somewhere she knew he looked -- or at least sounded -- familiar to her. It was the how and why that had her little fingers scratching her forehead.

“Perhaps your mother never told you about me. I suppose it’s for good reason,” he mused much to the inability within Sienna to hear him from where he stood. “There is no doubt she did it to protect you, but trust her words and trust yourself, Sien. I know you know who I am and I know you know I’ve always loved you and your mother despite me never being there.”

Those same words resonated with the young teen. The memory started to grow in volume, the picture of a young Sienna, her mother, and a man. She couldn’t have been younger than three but she could hear the words clear as day. Her mother was crying but the man beside her held her hand and then held Lola tight to his body, words of comfort soothing her emotions.

“I am sorry Lola. I know the time was brief. When she is ready, you will know it because she will be thirteen. When that time comes, even if she is not ready, you must be. A week prior, I will meet her and tell her everything.” His voice paused for a second and then continued. “Siempre te amaré, Lola.” 

As that memory had played itself out, little Sienna was brought back to her present and was uncontrollably crying. Her father soon comforted her in a similar way to how he did for her mother. She was unsure what to feel but by the time she felt his arms around her and felt the warmth of his parental embrace, the only thing she could do was cry into his silk tunic. Her screams were of confusion and a misunderstanding of this entire situation.

“There, there, my dearest Sienna. It’s okay, let it out.”

And she continued to do so for five whole minutes, after which she proceeded to break the embrace that her father(?) allowed her to do. With eyes of red simply looking up at her, Sienna went from confused to no longer feeling as such, but now where sadness once lived, something resembling a burning ire took form and though she did not realize what had happened, she punched him with sparks of something resembling fire came at the last second.

When she made contact, he did not move nor appear to be affected by her strike and the short-lived blazing sparks that followed. He did, however, give her an impressed laugh. “You truly are my daughter,” he proudly proclaimed, clapping his hands together, the sound similar to a buzzsaw cutting through steel.

“My father!?” She seemed shocked but somewhere deep down, she knew who he was. Still, she was high on emotions right now, so she wasn’t thinking as clearly as she usually did.
“Yes. I am your father, Sienna, but there is a bit more,” he paused, seeing her face scrunch up as though she was preparing herself for more, though it was clear in her eyes that anything more would probably crush her. “Sienna, you don’t have to be afraid. Your mother has done everything I’ve asked of her and more. It’s my turn to do the same. I am not just any normal man. Well, I’m not even a man. You’ve heard of the Greek Gods of Olympus, right?”

Sienna nodded, unable to speak.

“I am one of those Gods. I am Hephaestus, Greek God of the Forge.”

And at that moment, before anything else, Sienna wasn’t quite sure what to believe. Her heart beat so aggressively she wasn’t sure if it was going to burst through her chest. Fortunately for her, the only thing that happened was she was falling face-first. 

Sienna was out for the count for at least a day. Whether it was her own physical exhaustion or what, but the young Demigoddess had soon woke up to the sight of her parents standing by her. And then the entire situation was explained to her. Her father was a Greek Deity and her mother was human. In her father’s words, that made her a member of a race known simply as Demigods. Her shock was great but when it passed, when Sienna got over the initial life-shattering news, she became so full of questions. Some of them were answered by her mother and others by her father, but when they did answer her first seven round of questions, they soon became ones neither of them could answer. It was also then Hephaestus, before he left them on the eve of her birthday, informed Sienna she would be going to a special camp next week. After she enjoys her birthday, she will find a new home among people who are just like her.

And, when her birthday passed. After spending as much time with her half-cousins, half-aunts and uncles and all of her friends, the youthful mechanic-to-be went with her mother on a road trip. With a car left to her mother by Hephaestus -- a prized 1965 Ford Mustang colored chrome silver and burning fire red -- the open roads once out from the crowded air of the South Bronx, Lola and Sienna drove, taking as many backroads as they possibly could. Lol wanted to savor every minute spent in the car, but like all things, it had to come to an end.

Mother and daughter came as far as the surrounding areas would allow a mortal to go. They exchanged a tearful goodbye and the two must have hugged each other for what felt like ten minutes. After more tears and more embracing, Lola had to say farewell to her daughter. It wasn’t goodbye because she would see Sienna again, but she knew this was for the best.

And for the next four years, she trained and grew and honed her skills. She lived among the demigods who she would soon call family, who she would soon call friends, and, hell even some she may date if she wanted to. But whichever they were to her, soon a curious girl grew into a rather confident young woman who soon showed that her arrogance truly wasn’t far from the fiery forge her father owned.
Sienna Rosales INmFBoZ
Sienna Rosales LyeOViL
Sienna Rosales INmFBoZ

Mortal Parent:
Lola Rosales • 37(as of 2018) • Mortal Mother • Mechanic in the South Bronx • Portrayed by Alyssa Diaz

G o d l y  P a r e n t
Hephaestus is the Greek God of Blacksmiths, metalworking, carpenters, craftsmen, artisans, sculptors, metallurgy, fire, and volcanoes.

R e l a t i o n s h i p // G o d l y  P a r e n t
It’s been about six years since she last saw her father visibly, but over the years, though never in person, she always knew he was there watching over her. She could hear it through the forge, through the fire she commanded, the weapons she learne how to make. Her relationship with her father is good. It is better than most demigods have with their godly parents. Some either hate theirs or just don’t speak to their godly parent in general. The times that she gets to interact with him in some way is one Sienna cherishes more than anything. For however long it may be, she savors every minute of it.

A b i l i t i e s
Like most demigods at camp, she has been trained to hone her physical form, though outside of that and expansive knowledge, she doesn’t show anything that nobody else at camp possesses. She does, however, have a knack for machines and has been known to be the one everyone goes to for questions and concerns about anything related to machines and how to fix them.

P o w e r s
Spirit of Fire
Burning deep within her body is the spirit of fire that was carried down to her from her father. It is the innate power of fire and brimstone. She has many miles to cross before she is anywhere close to her father, but as it stands now, she is capable of more than basic fire manipulation. Feats included within her reach are production and generation of godly fire that can burn things of non-organic origin and can cause mild burns to organic beings like humans (demigod might be a bit of a harder thing for her to burn automatically).
[justify]W e a p o n s
Nothing but standard Camp Half-Blood weaponry, though her father has hinted at something special being in store for her when she turned nineteen.
P e t s

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"We also do not allow characters to have contact with their gods before they reach camp. The gods are very flighty creatures, and they don't like to hang around families for that long. They can only stay for up to around 6 months after a character is born. " This is listed in the limitations for character forms. I'm really sorry about that.

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