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WIP // Aria Jane Herondale // Athena Empty WIP // Aria Jane Herondale // Athena

on Wed Mar 27, 2019 12:13 am
WIP // Aria Jane Herondale // Athena 6fb6422e566f4543aed6b5b40b4c19f0
WIP // Aria Jane Herondale // Athena Mjjtx1pdiar9pjdm

》N A M E: Aria Jane Herondale.

》N I C K N A M E (S):Ari, Ria, Jay, AJ, and some just call her by her last name.

》G E N D E R: Female.

》A G E: Seventeen.

》B I R T H D A Y: April fifteenth.

》S E X U A L I T Y: Heterosexual.

》P E R S O N A L I T Y: The first thing that you notice about Aria is that she tends to come off as a little awkward. The young woman has been known to stutter a little more than her fair share. This isn't due to nervousness, however, but instead of that fact that her thoughts are always constantly running and bouncing off the walls. She often is seen caring a pen and notebook so she can write down all of her ideas.
Like most children of Athena, she is exceptionally smart when it comes to books - science being her main forte. She has spent some time studying psychology and human behavior as to understand people better. The human brain is some thing that she loves to study. A blunt, witty girl, Aria is often said to have a tongue that is sharp as a knife. While she is typically quiet and stays to herself, Aria does have a handful of close friends. She is always open to trying and learning new things.
Aria is a loyal girl, always trying to help her friends. Furthermore, she has a so called heart of gold. She does her best to help everyone, and sometimes has a hard time saying no when asked to do a favor for someone. Just like everyone else, however, Aria can and will eventually reach her limit and realized when she is being used. During times like these, she will argue and say the meanest of things - most of which she means and is based off the hard facts of your character that she has been collecting.

》F L A W S: -Blunt
-Has trust issues.
-Overly Loyal.
-Over critical of herself.
-Sometimes to kind.

》E Y E  C O L O R:Aria has blue-grey eyes. The blue reminds you of the calm, inviting ocean, where as the grey reminds you of a hurricane. The technical term would be gunmetal blue.

》H A I R: Golden blonde. Falls roughly two inches below her shoulders.

》H E I G H T: Five feet, six inches.

》S K I N  T O N E: Ivory.

》E T H N I C I T Y: Caucasian. (Fifty percent Greek, Thirty percent American, twenty percent English.)

》B O D Y S T R U C T U R E: Enough curves to be notibible and give her body definition, though she doesn't quite have an hourglass figure.

》P E R S O N A L_A P P E R A N C E: Standing slightly above average height, Aria doesn't come across as all that threatening. However, if you look into her eyes, you will find yourself ever so slightly intimidated - at least that's what some people have told her. Aria has what some people may describe as 'Hurricane Eyes'. Meaning that they are blue-grey in color, and as beautiful and fierce as a hurricane. Her face is heart shaped, her skin smooth.

》S C A R S_T A T T O O S_P I E R C I N G S: -A birthmark in the shape of a near perfect circle on her upper right side.
-Both ears are pierced.

》C L O T H I N G_S T Y L E: Aria dresses in a wide variety of clothing. While the most comftorable in sweaters, jeans, and converse high tops, she is not opposed to wearing knee high boots or a dress when the right occasion pops up. Not one for jewlry, Aria will never wear it unless it's for special occasions.

》P L A C E_O F_B I R T H: Myrtle beach, South Carolina, USA.

》M O R T A L_P A R E N T: Thomas Herondale || Age 49 || Biology Professor

》G O D_P A R E N T: Athena ~ Godess of Wisdom, Strategy and Crafts.

》R E L A T I O N S H I P_W I T H_G O D L Y_P A R E N T: Aria has yet to meet her mother, though she hopes to one day. She wants to create, discover and solve things to make her mother proud.

》A B I L I T I E S: -Can talk to whooty-whos (owls.)

》P O W E R S:
-Courage of Battle: Aria  can assist one person in battle by boosting their courage/confidence levels. This can only apply to one person at a time. This power lasts for two posts and takes a cool down of four.

》W E A P O N: Aria fights with a celestial bronze long sword.

》P E T S: None.

》H I S T O R Y:

》A_M E M O R Y:

N O T E S:

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