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Veronica Felicity Waller




April 6th, 2002


Veronica is always moving a mile a minute. If it’s for herself, she will never stop moving, but she will always stop to help someone else. Her friends and family literally mean the entire world to her. Between her tri-passions of gymnastics, surfing, and reporting, she always has something to do. And if she isn’t doing any of those, she is trying to make sure that her twin brother, Levi, is doing all of the things that he needs. Veronica dreams of being the chief editor at a media empire one day, and has very firm plans of how she is going to get there. She has a proclivity of chasing down a story no matter what it takes if it means that it can help someone. She is loyal, kind, and genuine. She has a tendency of being late to things, but she will always show up. When she isn’t thinking, her privilege comes out and she forgets that not everyone has had the same chances that she has. Veronica bleeds yellow and black: a proud card carrying Hufflepuff. She’s an Aries and an ENFJ.

>>Trusts to much

Eye color:

Hair description:
Veronica’s hair is dark and she has a lot of fun playing with different lengths and styles. You’re just likely to see her sporting is under a baseball cap, in pigtails, or down and wavy.


Skin tone:
Naturally pale, but usually lightly tanned


Body structure:
Veronica has pretty average proportions with long limbs that she has excellent control over for gymnastics and surfing, but forgets to care about most of the other time.

Personal Appearance:
Veronica knows that to be taken seriously, you need to look the part. She puts a lot of time into how she looks, even if it doesn’t fall right along typical fashion trends. She cares a lot less about that.

Veronica has the typical ear piercings, but nothing else. She always swears one day she will get her nose pierced.

Clothing Style:
Veronica, much like with her hair, likes to experiment with her fashion, and manages to pull a lot of it off. She uses everything from glasses to socks as fashion statements in her outfits. Fortunately, she has a large fashion budget to work with.

Other details?:
Veronica has absolutely terrible vision, but alternates between contacts and glasses.

Byron Bay, New South Wales, Australia

Mortal Parent:
Levi Benjamin Waller III

God Parent:
Salacia, goddess of salt water

Legacy Of:
>>Empanda, goddess of asylum, charity, and hospitality (grandfather’s mother)
>>Cupid, god of desire, affection, and erotic love (grandmother’s father)

Relationship with God Parent:
Veronica feels very much at home with her mother.

>>Water Breathing: Veronica can breathe underwater.
>>Shape Water: Veronica can move water with her mind, but not in enough of a capacity to do damage.
>>Calm Emotions: As a legacy of Empanda and Cupid, people feel naturally comfortable and at ease with Veronica.

>>Create Water: Veronica can create up to 5 gallons of clean water within 60 feet in an open container. Alternatively, the water falls as rain in a 30-foot cube within 60 feet, extinguishing exposed flames in the area, but doing no damage to people. She can do this twice per day.
>>Destroy Water: Veronica can destroy up to 5 gallons of water in an open container within 60 feet. Alternatively, she can destroy fog in a 30-foot cube within 60 feet. She can do this twice per day.
>>Shared Water Breathing: As the balance between her powers from Salacia and Empanda, she can make 1 person per day breathe underwater when she is touching them.

Veronica is not much of a fighter, but when forced to be she fights with Imperial Gold daggers.


Veronica was born at Byron Central Hospital in Ewingsdale, Australia at 7:16 pm on Saturday, April 6th, 2002. She was born 19 minutes before her brother, Levi. The twins were born into a wealthy Byron Bay family. Byron Bay is known for its tourism and surfing. So, for the most part, no one actually lives in Byron Bay full time, but the Wallers do. They own one of the fancier resorts in Byron Bay, started by their great-grandfather, Levi Waller. Their grandparents, Levi Waller II and Cassandra Waller were demigods of Empanda and Cupid, respectively.

Even when they were young, Veronica was always taking care of Levi. Since their dad was always hard at work running the resort, they had a lot of free reign. They spent almost their time together, though. When they were 3, the pair started in gymnastics and surfing. They both fell in love with both. They were fortunate enough to be wealthy and be able to do their favorite activities as much as they liked.

As if she didn’t have enough to do, Veronica picked up another hobby. When she was 9, she started writing for her grade school newspaper and loved it. She ran an anonymous column where she investigated people’s problems. Sure, they were 9 and most of the problems were like stolen pencil cases, but she found almost all of them.  Veronica was rarely even home by the time that she was 9. She’d go to school, and then go to gymnastics, and then spend some time surfing or at the lab at school. She’d come home with just enough time to eat a quick meal and then go to bed to wake up the next day to do the same.

Veronica and Levi started their journey to camp at the age of 11. They were both placed into the first cohort. Here, they met their cousins, and their mother, Holly, the sister of their dad, who had chosen to stay in New Rome after her time in the legion. Veronica wasn’t too into the whole legionnaire thing, but she loved living with people her age who weren’t leaving after a week of vacation. When she was 16, she started interning at the paper.

A Memory:
Veronica could be surfing with Levi, but instead she was still at school. It was Thursday, September 12th, 2013. Thursdays were the day that the twins had off from gymnastics, so Veronica had stayed to work on a story. As a 6th grader, the highest grade at St. Finbarr’s Primary School, she was the student editor of the paper now. That meant that she had to get ahead on all of her stories before people got theirs in to her. She knew that it was only a primary school paper, but she had to take her job seriously. She couldn’t have a bad edition under her name when she was applying for jobs later in life, after all.

Veronica was sifting through the anonymous requests that had been put in the paper’s mailbox for her while sitting cross legged on the little couch in the office. She tugged on the collar of her blue polo shirt as she unfolded one of the notes.. The girl, who had chosen to remain anonymous, thought that her boyfriend was cheating on her. 11 year old relationships were so mature, after all. She outlined where she thought that her boyfriend could be caught, but was too afraid to find out for herself. So, Veronica deduced a plan to find him the next day at school. She knew him. His name was Jack King. Everyone knew Jack King, after all.

So the next day, Veronica was standing under the multicolored plastic playset on the playground in the blue polo that was part of her uniform. She was crouched underneath the corner of the playset in the wood chips. She had her phone, which they weren’t supposed to have during the day and while she usually cared a lot about following the rules, she had to get the full scoop for her story. She also had a pen and a little spiral notebook.

Veronica was just about to give up and sneak her way out of here when, sure enough, Jack King snuck under the playset with Angelique Tyler, most certainly not his girlfriend. They were holding hands and Angelique kissed Jack on the cheek. Veronica knew that this wasn’t a good thing, but she kind of felt like it was. This was going to make a good story, something that she had been lacking for a little while. Veronica wrote the names down and then slipped the notebook into the side of her tall socks. She lifted her camera up and snapped a couple pictures. Unfortunately, the sound was on and the three camera clicks were so loud that Veronica assumed they could be heard in New Zealand. Jack’s head whipped around and made dead eye contact with Veronica. Her eyes grew wide and she took off running. She could hear Jack screaming her name and running after her. Veronica circled the playground looking for Levi. He’d protect her if this got ugly.

>>FC is Grace Phipps
>>Up until here, discluding the words in the form and the flavor stuff at the top and bottom, there are 1483 words.

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through water to the stars

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