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WIP || Markus Caraway Empty WIP || Markus Caraway

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Name: Markus Patrick Caraway
Nickname(s): Mark
Age: 21
Birthday: 30th May
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Place of Birth: Bethesda, Maryland, USA

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Eye colour: Dark brown,
Hair Description:: Black, short, straight, he sometimes has a bit of a side fringe but usually gels it away from his face
Height: Five foot eight
Skin tone: Porcelain
Ethnicity: 25% Russian, 25% American and 50% Roman
Body structure: Slim and slightly muscular
Personal Appearance:
Markus stands at 5'8" and has a slim build with a slight bit of muscle. For more formal occasions or just days he feels the will to he slicks back his black hair, otherwise it's a bit of a messy case, pat down by the remnants of hair gel from times of doing the prior hairstyle so it's not sticking out at all ends. His deep brown eyes usually contains the twinkle of a cheery young man, until he wants or is about to dish out some form of vengeance, in that case the twinkle becomes an almost sadistic glint. Sometimes this makes his eyes seem darker then they already are, some claim it's almost like staring into the pits of tartarus itself when they're in this state. Markus has very prominent dimples that become obvious through a myriad of his expressions rather than just when he's smiling. His light skin allows him to burn rather easily so it's not uncommon for him to be slightly pink after coming from the outside if he hasn't lathered on sunscreen constantly through the day.

  • Both earlobes- he wears stretchers
  • Tattoo sleeve on right arm a silhouette of a woman holding scales surrounded by the attributes of both her Greek and Roman sides; a broken wheel,  rudder, balance and cubrit rudder, balance and cubrit, a whip, a sword, a swan, an evil eye as well as a fortune cookie cracked open, the paper stetched across the two halves reading "Pride comes before the fall"
  • Left arm has a large dragon sleeve from just below elbow to just above wrist

Clothing Style:
Markus tends to stick to darker colours, dark blues, blacks and reds , though he will bring out the occasion white tank top or have a white shirt under a darker overshirt/jacket. Nonetheless, he doesn't tend to stick to a certain 'style'. He tends to wear converse shoes or sneakers. He has a leather cord necklace with a dog tag with balanced scales with the scale bowls holding treble clefs engraved into it, this is his only consistent piece of attire.
Other details?:

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Markus has a very vibrant and upbeat personality, it's not uncommon to find him among a group of people happily chatting and smiling, he's usually the loudest in the group. He seems to have a magnetic personality and tends to make friends easily and quickly.He still has a bit of a child's heart, always up for a good prank or 2 and little bit of cheeky troublemaking.  For the most part, he has a good heart, he's very sweet and has a tendency to look out for others. He has an incredible sense of justice and if he knows a friend has done something not so fair but mild (eg. insulting someone) he's not afraid to pull them aside and try to convince them to make up for it. Markus is fiercely loyal to his friends and allies. Although he makes friends easily becoming close to the level of vulnerability or the full extent of his loyalty is a lot harder to do.

The above shows the most commonly shown side of Markus but when one is deserving of retribution he can absolutely merciless. When he's giving retribution he almost seems to shift into a different person. The cunning and creativity put into the occasional prank are used to plan punishments and he seems to almost get a kick out of people falling from their high horse. He has a tendency to not like those who have done majorly horrible things recently or haven't comeback from what they've done if it was long ago, he has a similar outlook on narcissists.  

Despite the confidence Markus seems to have of both sides of his personality he's scared of who he becomes when he is in his vengeful state. For him it's like have total control over his action yet none at all, it's like a completely new person, a person Markus is scared of and scared to be. Sometimes he looks back at things he's done as punishments and regrets them. Usually it's not the punishment itself he regrets but the glee it brings him in the moment.


  • Markus' outgoing personality makes him easy to get along with and trust
  • As well as knowing how to dish punishment he tends to know how to make people feel a little better in the moment
  • Musical Theatre- Markus grew up taking part in musicals and it has left him pretty decent at it as well as singing, dancing and acting in general
  • Creative
  • Photographic memory


  • Loyal to a fault to his friends and loved ones
  • Merciless to enemies- if one is on his bad side it is extremely hard for Markus to have any form of a positive outlook toward you let alone trust you
  • He's a very extreme case of extroversion, he feels lost if he's alone and he is very easily lonely
  • Biased toward the small group of people he's closest it both in arguments and in seeing need for justice in people
  • when he's in his vengeance stage he is merciless and sometimes enjoys making people hurt as much as the hurt they caused.


  • Narcissists


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[img]WIP || Markus Caraway 65fmHvB[/img]

Mortal Parent: Adrian Caraway
Mortal Family:

  • Jacinta Caraway (younger sister, 16)
  • Esther Caraway (step-mother)
  • Jacob Caraway (step-brother, 7. When his mum married Adrian she gave him her new husbands' name also as she didn't want him named after their abuser)
  • Sonia Caraway (his babushka (grandmother)

God Parent: Nemesis
Relationship with God Parent:
Markus has a pretty neutral relationship with his mother. They're not really close but he doesn't hate or resent her. He is obedient to her instructions if he ever receives any.

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  • Injustice sense- With either a touch or looking into the eyes Markus can tell if a person has done a wrongdoing, the severity of it and approximately how long ago. Wrongdoings are almost like a scent- smaller things (eg insulting someone in cruel nature) only lasts for a couple of hours to a day while the worst of injustices (eg. serial killer of innocents) will last for years or even a lifetime. If the wrong deed has been remedied the sense isn't there.
  • Limited luck manipulation- Markus can mildly manipulate ones luck for a few seconds. This can only really be used for annoyances/pranks (eg. shoe falls off, bad hand in a card game) or to cheer someone up mildly (eg. find a couple of coins, a good roll in a dice game).
  • Cunning, creative and clever- these can be facets to anyone's personality but Markus has a particular way to use these to create punishments for wrongdoers


  • Tychokinesis-
  • Limited mind-reading-

Name: Giustizia даритель(/daritel)
Pronounciation: Ju-stiz-ia Da-re-til
Explanation: Giustizia is Italian for justice and даритель is Russian for giver/presenter. The sword's name translated means Justice Giver.
Type and description: Giustizia даритель is a double edged steel sword with a leather wrapped hilt, it has no decoration on it.
Other: The blade is used for intimidation and practice more than to strike anyone. Markus has vowed to only raise it to monsters, beast and people so far gone they might as well be one.

WIP || Markus Caraway 12e21538a407ebc9e5b0686c668b5ec6

Theme song: Monster Inside by NateWantsToBattle

  • Markus can speak fluent Russian

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