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Samuel Garner (WIP) Empty Samuel Garner (WIP)

on Thu Apr 18, 2019 10:17 am
Name: Samuel Garner
Nickname(s): The man who defies destiny, Host of the True-seeing Eyes
Gender: Male
Age: 21
Birthday: April 14th
Sexuality: Bisexual

Eye color: very pale lavender, almost white
Hair description: Sandy blonde hair with a bang from the center of his forehead, down across his nose to his right side (or left side to people looking), rest is brought back, slightly spiky.
Height: 6 foot 3 inches
Skin tone: Beach-tanned
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Body structure: Fairly fit, equal to a Olympic swimmer
Personal Appearance:
Clothing Style:
Other details?:

Place of Birth (city, state, country): Delphi, Greece
Mortal Parent: Laura Garner
Godly Parent: Apollo
Relationship with godly Parent:
Abilities (doesn't use energy to do):
Kathará Mátia (Pure Eyes): The ability that gave him his nicknames and his strange eyes is he has developed a ability to foresee certain events, mainly his death. His all-seeing eyes allow him to once per day, avoid a attack or event that would of normally been fatal. For example, if a minotaur was charging him, he would see a flash of a future where the minotaur killed him by ramming him into a wall, allowing him to adjust himself and avoid death or if he was crossing the street, he could foresee a event with a car shooting forward, running him down, allowing him to either cross quickly or wait for it to pass to avoid it.
Superior Archery skills: As a child of Apollo, he possesses great skills in the realm of Archery with claims he could hit something from 600 feet away.
Sunlight Arrows: As long as the sun is out, he can manifest arrows made of solar energy that can deal with monsters and mortals alike, can even burn through things like steel due to the sheer heat of them when fired.
Powers (uses energy to do):
Solar Manipulation: As a child of Apollo, Samuel possesses the ability to manipulate the light of the sun for various abilities, some not requiring energy, but many do. It also allows him to be quite flexible in many aspects.
Orb of Light: at will, Samuel can manifest a small orb of sunlight to light up dark ares around a twenty by twenty feet radius around him.
Solar Shield: Using the light of the sun, Samuel can manifest a shield made from solid sunlight that can blow attacks from normal weapons; although, any heavy blows or something that does a large amount of slashing damage like the claws of a harpy, can crack and eventually shatter the shield.
Sun Flash: By extending his hand out, Samuel can create a flash of sunlight to temporarily stun a opponent, blinding them for a post, allowing Samuel to put distance between them. Has 4 post cooldown after effect wears off.
Calming Song: As a child of the god of poetry and song, Samuel can use his impressive singing voice to calm the emotions of those around him, allowing him to deescalate what could of been a more hostile encounter.
Healing Hand: By placing his hand on someone, he can channel healing energy into someone to heal wounds of all kinds from simple cuts to deep wounds. However, the more serious the wound, the longer it takes and the more energy is required to heal it, plus he cannot do things like regenerate lost limbs, reattach limbs or anything like that.
Metatopistís Týchis (Fate Shifter): His nickname as the man who defies destiny isn't unwarranted and this is why: Once per thread, he can change the future of one thing to another in recent time once per thread. For example, can change it so someone who was killed in front of him, he can change their fate by making it so instead of dying, they live instead. However, this process both drains his massively and also can effect other things unforeseen by Samuel as outside forces maybe watching...
Longbow of Helios: A custom longbow he had made around two years into his stand into camp half-blood; fairly ornate in design as the two bow arms appear like wings and its bow string is made of sunlight, allowing it to for the sunlight arrows he most commonly uses.
Pets (if any): He has a dove called Sora that tends to sit on his shoulder or when at home, sit in her cage. He is quite fond of her.

History (four sentences or more):
A Memory: (Give us a memory that means a lot to your character.)
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