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on Sat Mar 30, 2019 10:52 am
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Victoria Rachel Sungo
Nickname(s): Tori, Vkcy, Vic
Gender: Female
Age: 15
Sexuality: Hetero

Victoria has became the spoiled brat since her mother always gave her what she wanted and never asked why she needed it. So the girl always had what she wanted. The last technology of iPhone or something else even. So yeah she is used to getting what she wants. She even literally orders her friends out to do what she wants. She can be quite a manipulative one when she wants. She isn't a straight forward person to get along most of the time, but she nowadays tries to be a better person. More friendly towards people since yeah she can't always be mean or rude. That isn't a way to make real friends. She can't make everyone live in terror around her or make them feel like if they do something wrong, she will snap which can happen. Once you're her enemy, then you will be it rest of your life. No coming back. Oh, she isn't the smartest cookie out there, she isn't dumb either, but she never knows much about facts or even doesn't care. She has never liked to study or read even. She usually skips those both when she can or lets others tell what was written those books or so. Anyways she has a terrible memory on names and other things like that.
Over the years she has grown to have even trust issues, and noone knows when it started, not even herself but she has always been sceptical about people around her. Sometimes even bit too paranoid, but she tries not to show it out. She tries to keep being like it doesn't affect her when it does.
Flaws (three or more):
Being honest with people - well she lies a lot for sure, just honesty isn't her skill.
Trusting others around her - well she has deep down trust issues she doesn't talk about.
Being nice - Well it's something she has never been good at, but at least she is giving it a try now.

Eye color: Blue/Greene
Hair description: He hair is long and most of the straight. Even yeah she can make it curly when she wants. She loves to wear it loose, but she can wear in ponytails or messy bun when needed.
Height: 5'5"
Skin tone: White, Light
Ethnicity: American
Body structure: Slim
[color=#cc66ffPersonal Appearance:[/color] Well she is a very girly person. She wears all the time the makeup and takes care of her body. Eats healthy or so. Her make up isn't that heavy really, she doesn't like to cake up her face. She for sure will use mascara and lipgloss every day. Her lipgloss is light pink one usually and bit of shiny. Oh and eyeshadow colours what she wears are more natural colours that heavy colours like dark red or something, more of pastel colours. She in general loves pastel.
[color=#cc66ffScars/tattoos/piercings/etc.:[/color] She has no scars or tattoos on her body, but she has her ears pierced once.
[color=#cc66ffClothing Style:[/color] You can say the one things she wears too often is a dress or skirt. You can barely see her in pants or jeans. She at times can wear leggings when it's cold outside. Her go to are for sure high heels too, but when needed she can wear sneakers or flats too.
Other details?: n/a

Place of Birth (city, state, country): Los Angeles, California, USA
Mortal Parent: Angelica Sungo - small business woman, who gave always everything to Tori, 36 years old, never married.
God Parent: Cupid
Relationship with God Parent: They have met, but she doesn't talk with him much. Just Victoria hasn't accepted him as the father yet. This is still in progress of getting better between them. They need to spend more time together.
Abilities (doesn't use energy to do):

  • Charm Speak - well can charm people, works basically for everyone.

Powers (uses energy to do):

  • Seducing - Well she can seduce boys mostly to do what she wants, sometimes it can work on girls too. Depends on who they are into.

Pets (if any): n/a

History (four sentences or more): Tori did grow up having just mother in her life. Her father was never in the picture and when she was young she never knew why. Her mother always changed the topic when she asked or said she will tell later when she isn't busy. Her mother was always busy with her business. So she never had time for her daughter but that didn't stop her from treating like a princess since she gave her everything she wanted. That is why she has become who she is. She became this manipulative and getting she wants even around her friends. They learned at early ages that messing with Tori is never a good thing to do. Since they knew that being at her bad side isn't a good thing. Anyways she even ordered often her friends to do school work and projects since she never understood them. She is glad that teachers have never found it out or they are scared of her too. Anyways someday she found out that she was the kid of the Cupid, they day when she was acted by some strange creatures, who she had never seen before. She was saved by that one satyr person, who explained to her why all this had happened. So all that was four years ago and now she attends to this Roman creeks camp, Camp Jupiter. Anyways she was surprised at first yes about her father being Cupid but it made some sense to her after that. So far these four years have been fine. She really loves it here. She even became 2nd Cohort Centurion since yeah so many saw her like that for representing 2nd Cohort.
A Memory: The day when she did get to know who her father was. She was feeling happy and at the same time sad. Since yeah she was happy to get to know him and sad that her mother had lie to her. Also, she was angry, still is a bit.
Cohort: 2
Notes: She can charm mostly everyone, but she can only seduce those who are into females. But yes there is needed other RP's permission first before these both are used.

Victoria Sungo ~ Daughter of Cupid | 15 (2nd Cohort Centurion)
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Victoria Sungo Empty Re: Victoria Sungo

on Sat Mar 30, 2019 1:45 pm
-Charm Speak needs limitations on it in an rping sense. Otherwise there'd be some serious metagaming. Put in there that it could be resisted and it doesn't work on children of love gods type of thing.
Seducing needs post limitations. Like how many times in a post can she do it? For how many posts does it last? and what's the post cool down rate for seducing?

Romans don't have satyrs. The way Romans get to camp is they get recruited by Lupa and her wolves and the demigod goes into training to see if they could survive in the roman atmosphere. Then they make their trec to camp. More can be found here

I'd say put that note up in powers with the seducing power.

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