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on Fri May 03, 2019 5:55 pm
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New York Academy for the Gifted CKzOR2j

18+ Original Character Only, Modern Day HP Writing Site – Accepting Applications for Adults, Students, Faculty, Staff, and Special Characters.


Discover your story at New York Academy, a Harry Potter Love 'n' Drama RPG. Come play with the Pureblood Elites at the school. Secret parties, a potions ring, and an entire city at their disposal. These teens have never heard the word no. Well, that was until the School Board decided to begin accepting the Less-Thans a.k.a. the Halfbloods, Mixed Bloods, and No-Maj Borns. Worse yet, some of these students are on scholarship. As if they're Less-Than Status wasn't enough, they're also poor. Pick a side, have a forbidden affair, the possibilities are endless.

Not enough drama? Discover the seedy underbelly of New York City. Or play the noble Auror (or the shady one) in a corrupt MACUSA government.

Love, Hate, Desire, Betrayal. What's your story? Come play with us and find out.

NYA is a Jcink Premium site that has been open and active for a little over a year. We have friendly, active authors, host seasonal events and rapid fires, and many author driven sub-plots. No activity checks or post minimums.
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