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on Tue Feb 26, 2019 8:56 pm

Welcome, and thanks for joining. I'm Mason, and I look forward to RPing with all of you! Before you jump into the RPing, though, there are some rules that need to be followed.


1. Obey the staff of the site
2. Be polite and respectful to the site and other members
3. RP fairly (no god-mode, over-powered characters, or perfect characters)
4. Don't powerplay (take control of other people' characters) without permission
5. Try to keep the site PG-13 and below; no sexually explicit content
6. No gambling or use of real money or bribery
7. Hell, ass, damn, and shit are allowed uncensored; please use other words in moderation and with censoring. Do not use these words in a degrading way towards other members.
8. You can advertise other Forumotion sites through our site; however, be aware we have the right to advertise on your site then. If your site has a policy for no advertising, then it will be removed from our advertising section.
9. Try to refrain from using more touchy words in a negative fashion (ex: don't say "this is cancer")
10. Try to be realistic within your RPing
11. Don't double post or spam
12. Don't purposely annoy or bother any administrators, moderators, or members of the site in general
13: A character can be involved in as many threads as you please
14. Most importantly, have fun!

Note: a rule may be added at any time if we feel it's necessary

    Extra Info
  • Please join our site Discord https://discord.gg/w647tMn
  • Admins may receive special rights such as not having to pay for stuff in the site shop. However, if it is being abused, this right will be taken away. If you feel an admin is violating this rule, please contact another admin about it.
  • This site is meant for the purpose of having a relaxed, lowkey, fair RPing environment. If you decide to cause drama, we will not hesitate to punish you.

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